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About Us

Portland Chiropractors with pediatric patientsDr. Victoria Roth and Dr. Conor Campbell first crossed paths at chiropractic college. While attending Logan University, they met and discovered a shared passion for pediatrics. They opened Tree of Life Chiropractic in Dr. Conor’s home state of Maine, where they enjoy the beautiful seasons and great outdoors.

Transform Your Lifestyle With Us

When you become a practice member with us, you’ll receive the benefit of our combined knowledge and expertise. Our care focuses on families and children. As our name indicates, we can help every branch of your family tree so that you become happier and healthier together.

We seek to find families who want to change their mindset and adopt a more holistic lifestyle. We’re here to provide natural chiropractic care along with advice about what you can do to keep you and your loved ones well in the future.

Ensuring the Health of the Next Generation

Many of the children we see have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and other conditions. We welcome young athletes in their preteen years, teenage years and into college. There are numerous childhood issues that chiropractic may be able to impact positively.

One such case involved a little girl who was having night terrors. She wasn’t sleeping and needless to say, neither were her parents. After just 5-6 visits, she was able to sleep through the night without waking. It didn’t just change the girl’s life; it altered her entire family dynamic for the better. We would love the opportunity to see what we can do for your kids!


Schedule a Free Consultation

Our late opening hours are convenient for those with busy schedules. Contact our chiropractic office today to schedule an appointment! We provide free consultations so that you can learn more with no obligation.

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