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Pediatric Chiropractic Portland

At Tree of Life Chiropractic, our team focuses on pediatric chiropractic. We’re passionate about seeing entire families regain their health and well-being, naturally. We are members of Epic Pediatrics and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Our ongoing training concentrates heavily on chiropractic for kids to provide the best care to our young practice members.

A Passion for Children’s Health

Our chiropractors each took their unique path in discovering their love in caring for children. Dr. Victoria was young when she began seeing a chiropractor for a back injury. She soon realized how much better her life was when she was adjusted regularly. To help others experience that same increased quality of life became her mission at the age of 12.

Dr. Conor entered chiropractic school thinking that he might want to specialize in sports injury. By taking pediatrics courses, his focus in practice was transformed. He loved seeing the impact of chiropractic not only on a child’s life but on their entire family.

How Your Child Can Benefit From Chiropractic

You might be wondering why a child should visit a chiropractor. It’s true that they don’t necessarily experience aches and pains as adults do. But there are many common childhood conditions that can be addressed by what we do, including

  • A quicker recovery when ill
  • Better focus at school
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Fewer growing pains
  • Fewer tantrums
  • Improvement in colic and acid reflux
  • Less sickness
  • Reduced breastfeeding troubles
  • Regular bowel movements

By enhancing the function of your child’s nervous system, we can make a positive impact on numerous concerns.

Boosting Your Child’s Confidence in Us

Your child will be welcomed with open arms. We’ll get to know them, and take it slow to build their trust. They’ll get to know us, too. We might adjust their stuffed animal, baby doll or toy dinosaur while they watch. Babies and smaller children can lie on Mom or Dad during their adjustment. We’ll make sure that your child is ready to receive their adjustment before we get started.

Schedule your child’s first appointment

Let’s work on improving the health of your entire family. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for pediatric care Portland! You can book a group appointment and take advantage of our late hours.

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